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AC power pack available at Dynamic Hydrofab

Dynamic Hydrofab has seen and grasped the top the boundaries of engineering brilliance and technological progression with the production of supreme quality of products and services for the industries.

Dynamic Hydrofab offers high quality AC power pack with proper electric motors in it. These power packs offers correct force for lifting, moving and lowering heavy and big objects. These hydraulic power packs are currently used for forklift, car lift, conveyor, dock leveler and for scissor lift.


These systems comprises of many parts such as a reservoir pump, filler breather, suction strainer and level indicator. They also has adjustable relief valves in these systems. These valves are used for adjusting the pressure of the system. Various valves are present in it which goes like this the flow control and pressure control and some more and these valves can be added as per the demand of the client. These are made from the finest type of materials available in the market. The materials are resistant to hostile environment and also to heavy load.


The function of AC Power Packs India depends on the drawings of party or as per customers requirements and for working it needs a pressure up to 315 kg /cm2 and power up to 100Kw.


The applications of these  AC power pack are required there where pressurized hydraulic fluid is required, such as molding machines, machine tool clamps, lifting devices, furnace doors, hydraulic jacks etc. The flow rate of these packs are up to 300 lpm.


These are easy to operate and the noted for low maintenance cost. The flexible hoses and fix solenoid make these machines really unique from other power packs. The packs are used for performing difficult tasks very easily. It is considered as an reliable product.


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Dynamic Hydrofab gives you the best tapping machines

Dynamic Hydrofab upholds its standards of quality at each  and every stage of our process to ensure zero defect in the products. We carry out a thorough inspection and monitoring on all manufacturing processes and manufactured products together with an accurate documentation control system at all work stations of our company production units.


We believe in providing Tapping machine at competitive prices, well-timed delivery and we also take care of our products i.e. after sales services to clients up to the satisfaction level in accordance with quality management systems. Dynamic Hyrdofab is a company credited with an ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

Major parts where the Tapping machine manufacturers focus in our company are

•    The controller part: power control and torque overload protection.
•    The Display part: Tapping speed and depth setting.
•    Torsion torque protect the chucks: torque chucks, tap tapping to the bottom of the blind hole over the torque distance, slip protection.
•    The Arms: Height can be adjusted; any direction of tapping can be acted within radius range of 2.0 meter.

Salient features by Tapping machine manufacturers India are as follows:
•    Aluminum arms, flexible to operate  
•    Humanize control panel, easily sets data
•    Continuous tapping capacity
•    High speed, torque can be increased by 30%
•    Positive and Negative tapping with 1 button changing.
•    Tapping capacity from M5-M33
•    Can tap any direction with universal head
•    Torque stable, long working life
•    Quick repeat positioning and cutting speed, high production efficiency
•    Safety torsion collets to ensure less damage for taps; suitable for both hole and blind holes,
•    Large range of work activities, no need to move heavier work piece
•    Easy operation, lightweight, high efficiency, low working strength, suitable for all kind  of weight  tapping
•    No need to carry heavy weight job
•    No Need of alignment, self alignment to hole

Tapping machine has application like mould, machinery, hardware, auto, boat building, plastic, aerospace  machine building etc.


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Compact Power Pack with Attractive Specifications

Dynamic Hydrofab has now made a mark as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial operational devices or gadgets. This company has played a huge role in the technological revolution of the country which has transformed the concept and aspects of industrial operations.


It has done good in the fields where Compact Power Pack is used. These power packs are compact and vary in size and most of its valves are inbuilt. The basic components that are required for the Compact Power Packs are Electric Motor, Coupling Hydraulic, Gear Pump, Center Manifold Block, Check Valve, Pressure Relief Valve, Suction Filter, Return Lines and some more parts which are optional and are used in these packs as per the field or client’s requirement and those are Direction control Valve, Solenoid Lowering Valve, Flow Regulator Valve, Pilot Operated check valve and many other more.


These Compact Power Pack India are applicable in various machines and places like in Materiel Handling Machines, Mini Tippers, Lifts, Tail Gate, Hospital Equipments, Ladders, Pickup Truck, Mobile Winches, Car-carrier Trucks and in many such other application. And following are the general specifications of the Compact Power Pack:
Power source: 12, 24V DC and 110/220V AC                              
Flow Range: 1 cc to 4 cc
Pressure: up to 180 Bar                                                            
Tank Capacity: up to 30 Liter
Motor speed: 2800 rpm

So, this particular writing can give you much idea on the Compact Power Pack produced by us.


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Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder and its features

Dynamo Hydrofab is well known in the machinery world as the manufacturer, exporter and the dealer of a superior range of Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders which have a very robust construction and they are highly durable in the market. Our products are high on demand in the market and they have been made using the best quality of raw materials which have been procured from well known vendors in the market. These products have been made available to the customers at very affordable rates in the market.

The Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder is very compact and economical. These types of cylinders are driven by liquid power which convert the liquid force into mechanical and again gets converted to other types of energy as per the requirement. As they are small, they are easy to use, which saves time. These cylinders are known in the industry for their compact size and ease of use, thus making it suitable for use in a wide variety of industries. These cylinders are most commonly used in Steel plants, aircraft industries and automotive construction.


Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder India makes your lifting, dropping, shifting and pushing easier, which makes your work smoother and efficient and saves your time and money. These are available in two types - Single Action Type Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder and Double Action Type Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder. The bore of these Industrial Hydraulic cylinders ranges from 150 to 300mm and the Ram ranges from 100-230mm. These cylinders have a stroke of about 1100mm to 5600mm. more additional features of this Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder are given as below:
•    Durable
•    Reliable
•    High performance
To know more about Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder visits us or contacts us at www.dhf.in


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Goods lift: Becomes an helping agent for human

Goods lifts are designed for moving goods from one floor of a work place to another. It is a lift quite similar to a passenger lift, but one that is dedicated to carrying goods, usually on a pallet, but not necessarily so. Sometimes these lifts are combined with passenger needs to become a dual purpose lift. These are usually larger than goods only lifts.


Goods lift has to be installed in work places where the legislation in force makes it mandatory. However, there are plenty of work places where these types of lifts have been installed simply because it makes sense. Having a lift to move heavy goods can be more efficient and more cost effective. Because machinery does most of the work but not all of the heavy lifting and moving, there is generally less lifting-related employee injury, and therefore less time spent off work by those likely to be affected.


Lifts for goods are generally supplied in standard sizes in a range that is usually suitable for most industries. However, they can be supplied in custom sizes to suit individual companies. This may be because of space restrictions, or possibly for any other number of reasons. There is a definite flexibility in the physical size and the carrying capacity, and therefore the availability, of lifts designed to carry goods.


Dynamic Hydrofab has some specifications and feature for Goods lift India as given below:

The Maximum lifting capacity of the goods lift: 600 kg
The Maximum lifting height of the goods lift: 18 feet or more
The Electrical power usage: 0.75KW
 Key Features:
•Brilliant performance
•Rigid construction
•Improved durability
•High efficiency

So, before buying these visit us and contact us for more informations.


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Tapping Machine: One More Product from the Bag of DHF

We at Dynamic Hydrofab manufacture and produce different types of cylinders and power packs which incorporate a package of great expertise, knowledge and technical capabilities. Our company has earned a huge reputation in this field by giving the best to their clients.


And from the many of our products, Tapping Machine is one which has taken our company to higher standards. These machines are checked and tried on various quality factors to make it more certain towards perfection. Our team works with the finest quality machineries & sophisticated technologies in accordance with the business standards by our skilled experts.


Our Tapping machine manufacturers offer you a unique combination of accurate drilling, tapping and tapping operation and are suitable for mass production or tool room jobs.


1. Most drilling machines that we offer at our organization cater, to the following requirements and have been occupying a great part of our sales-revenue generation process.
2. Being an electrical switch gear unit, you don’t have to deal with wear and tear issues and so low maintenance requirements.
3. Simple back gear arrangement facilitates eight spindle speeds.
4. Reversal of spindle at present depth is automatic and also direction change of spindle automatically changes to normal.
5. To avoid tap breakage, emergency reversing foot switch in provided.
6. Machine accuracy is ensured as per IS 2425.
7. Simple to install and operate with no special training requirements.
8. A mere switch of flick sets the machine from tapping to drilling and vice versa through the providence of dual installation of tapping and drilling without any extra attachments.
9. DIE holders provided along.
10. These are highly versatile in nature and perform the task of tapping, drilling, reaming and screwing at present depth.


With all these specifications our clients can get benefitted with this Tapping Machine India from us at reasonable rates at a guaranteed time span.


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Elements needed to build a Hydraulic Cylinder

The Hydraulic Cylinder gain power via hydraulic water. The various parts of the hydraulic cylinder which completes the construction of it are:


Cylinder Barrel or clip: In the tube barrel the piston makes forward and backward moments. The barrel can be an unlined thick walled water line that is positioned inside the cylinder.


Cylinder Mind: Cylinder head is connected to the barrel having a lock or perhaps screw. It is stated that a flanged connection should be accustomed to connect the pinnacle and clip or barrel. Flanged connections are ideal but costly.


Cylinder tube Bottom: The barrel and bottom portion are welded together in most gas cylinders. In not done in a proper way can damage the gun barrel. Nonetheless many future new cylinders have a screwed connection from the cylindrical tube end limit to the clip or barrel.


Piston: A piston means a short cylinder shaped steel component which is used to separate both the sides of the cylinder clip or barrel. The piston is normally forged with grooves or even metal elephant seals which prevent the hydraulic essential oil to pass by the piston through the step on the complete opposite side.


Piston Rod: A piston rod is stainless with cold. The piston rod joins the actual hydraulic actuator towards the machine aspect which helps the cylinder to achieve a given process.


Rod Sweat gland: The rod gland ensures the pressurized oil won't leak the cylinder head fitted together with seals. It also has a seal called rod viper which functions as a block to stop impurities from coming into in the tube.

All Hydraulic Cylinder India is accustomed by big companies in the international market and are quite popular too.